Tuesday February 7, FOSSIL MEETING 7:30 PM Brighton Town Hall Auditorium 2300 Elmwood Ave. Michael Grenier will present a slide-show talk on "Dinosaur Research in 2016: Dinosaur Blood & Brains, Evolution of Flight & Feathers, Endothermy, & Other Amazing Finds." Visitors welcome.


Tuesday March 7, FOSSIL MEETING 7:30 PM Brighton Town Hall Downstairs Meeting Room 2300 Elmwood Ave. Speaker Carlie Pietsch discusses "The Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum and it's implications on the ecology and evolution of mollusks." Visitors welcome

Visitors are welcome to all Fossil Section meetings! Refreshments are served. You may contact Dan Krisher at or John Handley at for further information.

(Last Updated January 13, 2017 )