The Fossil Section is open to all who have an interest in the collecting, study, preparation and display of fossils. Active participation by members in the program to collect, preserve, and study paleontological material is encouraged. The Section is pledged to work, in cooperation with scientific institutions for the preservation of the geologic record. Members are encouraged to actively participate in the monthly meetings. Several field trips to fossil collecting sites in New York State are held each year.

Talks by professional paleontologists or knowledgeable collectors are coupled with interesting displays of fossil finds. Meetings are followed by a social hour with refreshments and open discussion of fossil and fossil collecting.

Monthly meetings are held the first Tuesday of each month from October-- June at 7:30 pm at the Brighton Town Hall, Community Meeting Room, 2300 Elmwood Avenue, Rochester, NY.

OFFICERS 20011-2012
President: Dan Krisher
Vice President/Program Chair: Stan Spector
Secretary: Dan Krisher
Treasurer: Stan Spector
Director (three-year-term): John Handley
Director (two-year-term): Terry Faulkner
Director (one-year-term): Kim Pocius

Field Trip Coordinator: Dan Krisher

Fossiletter Editor: Harry deLahunta


August 27, 2011
Fossil Section Bylaws