Life Sciences

The Life Sciences Section will be attending many of the bi-weekly video and discussion evenings of the newly developed yearlong series called Creating the Future. For details, check the RAS Events Calendar from the home page.

We don’t know very much in advance where future shows will be held, because the series developers are taking advantage of rooms offered for free. If you are interested in any of the following, please contact Elizabeth Pixley at 334-0977 or Karen Wolf at 670-9709 for the location and more information about the series.

Important RAS Herbarium Question – Are you interested in helping with the Rochester Academy of Science Herbarium, but are not available on weekdays? If so, would you be available on a Saturday morning? Please send replies to this question to Elizabeth Pixley, Herbarium curator, at, or send a note to 131 Parkmeadow Drive, Pittsford, NY 14534.

The name of the Botany-Entomology Section of the Rochester Academy of Science has been changed to the Life Sciences Section. The Botany Section of the Academy has a long history; it began in 1881 when the Academy was formed and it later merged with the Entomology Section. The purpose of this new transformation is to draw natural science-interested, Rochester-area residents to meetings and other activities. We believe that there is local interest in activities involving the life sciences, in addition to those available at the Rochester Museum and Science Center and other organizations. We will welcome the involvement of any past or present members of any sections of RAS interested in a broad range of topics, such as birds, butterflies, amphibians, mammals, plants, ecology, and environmental issues. Our focus will be on the interconnectedness of all living things and the various ways in which we all impact life on the planet. We also plan to continue to schedule field trips to local sites of interest, regular workshops/data entry in the herbarium, and occacional lab workshops on specific families of plants, animals etc.



Last Updated January 22, 2009