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Section Activities

The various Sections of the Academy pursue specialized interests with informative programs and field trips, plus social events.

Public Lectures

Periodically, the Academy presents free public lectures. The Larry J. King Memorial Lecture at the Fall Scientific Paper Session and the Spring Lecture feature professionals who share their expertise in topics related to natural history.

Scientific Paper Session

The Academy sponsors a Fall Scientific Paper Session for members and non-members who present their research on topics of local natural history or other academic investigations. The event features the L. J. King Memorial Lecture and is held at a Rochester area college each year.

Rochester Mineralogical Symposium

The Academy participates in the Rochester Mineralogical Symposium, a four day event held each April. At this four-day conference, internationally renowned mineralogists present their research findings and share tales of their fieldwork.

Exchange Program

The Academy exchanges its Proceedings with several hundred academies and scientific organizations throughout the world. The exchange receipts constitute a very valuable and unusual resource, which, along with the R.A.S. Library, is deposited on permanent loan with the Library of the University of Rochester. The University extends to the Academy membership use of some of its own academic facilities for study purposes. Library cards are issued to members who apply for them and who show their R.A.S. membership cards as proof of eligibility.

Research Grants

The Academy awards small grants to undergraduate college students involved in science research to promote interest in science among young people. Letters encouraging grant applications are sent to science departments of western New York colleges in the fall semester. Information on grants may be requested from the R.A.S. Grant Committee Chairperson.

Student Grant Application Form


The Academy takes notice of its outstanding members and friends, and periodically bestows appropriate honors.

Fellows are chosen from the active membership in recognition of scientific attainment and distinguished service to the Academy.

Honorary Members are non-Academy members who are chosen by the RAS Board in recognition of scientific attainment.

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